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Monday, March 17, 2014

Behind the scenes: Mall construction update #5-1.5

Oops.  I messed up and skipped a pic!  Above is the mall video game store, which was actually finished a couple days before the LEGO store!

As for where I'm at in real time (remember these update postings are all intentionally delayed quite a bit), I now have just 2 more little squares of space to populate before it'll be time to move on to the second floor!


  1. This looks just like the video game store at my local mall. I cant wait to see the mall finished!

  2. Looks awesome! I'm so impressed that you could squeeze so many things in one small plate.

  3. Hi there Jang, I am writing a comment just put out a suggestion. I was wondering if somewhere in your Lego city, you could put in a school or a library, I know that books are hard to find, but it would be pretty cool.
    Thanks, Jay

  4. Looks great JANG! Hey I know you aren't taking suggestions nor do I want you to as part of the excitement is that we are in for surprises but you know what I would think was cool? If you made a place where your character works, like an office or when you build your house perhaps an office in it where you work from. Also that you have like a LEGO room in your house just like in real life. Whatever you do it is cool. It is all JANGlicious in my eyes lol. / LEGOholicDAN

  5. Are you going to build a food court in your mall?

    1. He probally will end up building a food court

  6. How's your lego mall construction going on? Have you uploaded finished mall pictures somewhere? I am also looking to create some lego constuction in Armenia