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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Behind the scenes: Let there be light!

As Americans go I was a pretty early adopter of compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) in the range of 2002 or so.  I loved their electrical efficiency and low heat output, and I use them to this day in my studio.  Everywhere else, though, I now use LEDs, including my LEGO city room!  With a little over 120 watts of actual electricity in use (equivalent to two run-of-the-mill old incandescent bulbs), high-quality LED floodlights light the entire city with lumens to spare!  The bonus pic below of hospital staff & patrons was taken on an ordinary cel phone late at night.  LEDs still cost a small fortune up front, but they pay for themselves very quickly in total energy savings, plus you generally don't need to replace them for many years!


  1. JANG, you are such an amazing builder and with a mind like no other. Could you perhaps make a video or some videos where you show your thought process and just discuss what drives you to build and how you work, I would love to see that. Also do you listen to any music when you construct , anything to help you get in the "zone" ? Best wishes / LEGOholicDAN which is just an alias for JANGholicDAN lol

    1. Hi Dan, thanks so much for your support! I think my "MOC Process" posts & videos chronicling the development of my zoo are the closest I've done to what you're looking for. I don't show the actual real-time assembly of bricks (because that'd be insufferably boring) but I talk about my thoughts & strategies. I definitely do like to listen to music when building, but my musical tastes are extremely widely varied.

    2. Thanks for the reply JANG, its a great feeling having feedback from you! You are absolutely right with your statement, I realize you must be very busy and already going out of your way doing the behind the scenes footage. How much time per day (in average) would you say you dedicate to LEGO as in reviewing, building sets, purchasing bricks or sets, and MOCing? I would love to MOC right now and share my creations with you, I am very inspired by your LEGO city and would love to pass down something like that to my sons, at least a few great looking yet playable buildings and vehicles. However I have 2 newborn sons (twins) and working for other people so my time is not for MOCing right now, even though I could probably find a window the facts that I live in a small space (would make too much noise) and having the majority of my collection in another country makes it hard however I would love to invest in 2-3 parisian restaurants and 1 more town hall and buy stuff off BL like you do. By the way, if you feel like sharing but how much do you spend a month on average on your LEGO collection? I would imagine about 500-1000 dollars. Anyway JANG you are living the dream and its all thanks to your hard work! YOU Deserve all the best /LEGOholicDAN

  2. I listen to music too. Keeps the mind busy and keeps you calm.