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Thursday, February 13, 2014

LEGO custom Citi Mini Bus MOC(s)

I hesitate to call the subject of this video a pair of MOCs.  It's really just one MOC, plus a quickly-assembled duplicate.  Busses at last!  I got the itch to build these out of nowhere, and had fun with it.  They look good on my city streets.

Continuing with the transportation theme, I've also started working on my main passenger train station.  Hopefully that one won't take as long as my zoo did since I'm not reviewing 150+ products now like I was earlier in the season!  

(By the way, the zoo was finished a week or two ago, I just haven't had time to set things up to film it yet.)


  1. WOW they look amazing JANG! Just like modern busses do! Hey JANG I've been thinking.. all night.. because I have been wanting to get the Parisian Restaurant for quite some time and multiples of it, I'm thinking 2-3 (in my eyes its the modern medieval market village as it has great piece count for money and also design and features).. now I'll get to the point, I think as an afol due to that set being around for the near future I should instead invest in some of those city construction sets still to be found as I've got so inspired from your construction MOCs. The great thing about where I live is that I have a toy store next door that sells surplus toys to other stores and such and they have tons of lego sets and a lot of them are sets that have been long retired so I can find jewels there. Let me know if there is anything that you might be interested in, they have tons of that ambulance set and I can imagine you will want to put in a hospital or major clinic in your city sooner or later. Best wishes and thanks for the video, LEGOholicDAN

  2. Dude, can't wait to see finished zoo. Last image/vid I saw, you hadn't finished the front tank area. Loved the zoo sign, nice little build. Please post vid/pic sooner rather than later.

  3. JANG, I know you are not using the official construction workers and manual laborers torsos but instead getting custom torsos for those designated to work in those fields in your city. However, what are you going to use all those torsos that you got from all them construction, mining, street maintenance sets that you got. You must have about 30-40 of them in total. Those are some awesome torsos. Your number one fan, LEGOholicDAN

  4. Dear Jang,
    Realy cool buses! They look 'abit' like the ones we have here.
    I know that you are busy in life so I won't go on about your mocs or your zoo instead I'll say, great job and can't wait to see what ever you 'post' next.
    'A' fan of Jangbricks