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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

LEGO 4-Wide Power Functions train update Feb. 25, 2014

See what I mean?  With the last update I mentioned that things were changing again, and here are those changes now in the form of a full revamp!
This is the result of about 20 hours of failed experimentation followed by 10 hours of building & fine-tuning the one actually feasible concept.  This train is now entirely 4 studs wide at last, while the first version had a wire ribbon that traveled along the outside and both v1 & v2 had vanity tiles covering some unsightly bits.  The motive & battery cars look rather rough around the edges and unnecessarily asymmetrical front to back, but believe me, there is rhyme & reason to every piece on this thing.  I even built the new rearmost car with lightness in mind, carefully substituting parts repeatedly to minimize the mass plastic used to create a desired shape or connection.

Is this the final version of this 4-wide train?  I am certain it is not.  However, I should be able to leave it alone for good while, as it no longer bothers me when I look at it.

Man, I need a break!  This was tough!


  1. drgpolaris (URC member)February 26, 2014 at 10:43 PM

    I like it. Especially the ingenuity while working within such strictures, even if self-imposed.

    I vote for LiPo and custom wiring.

    It's a MOC.

  2. I spent the last three days working on this train. I made a facsimile of yours and then worked on making it even smaller (shorter). I incorporated the drive motor into the first car and the battery / IR receiver into the second car. The third car is just passenger space. The drive car has room for a driver and one passenger, the second car is just hardware but made to look like the other cars, and the third is all passenger space.

    I wish I could post a picture for you to see.