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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

LEGO 4-Wide narrow gauge RC train update Feb. 24, 2014

Never satisfied, I am!  My custom 4-stud-wide intra-city commuter train was working just fine, especially with the help of tiny tweaks over time that improved reliability.  However, I couldn't leave good enough alone.  After all, "good enough" isn't!

With this change I shortened the little train by a worthwhile margin without changing the function at all.
Not long after this video was recorded, though, the brain-wheels got to spinning again, and I dove back in for another round of changes, major this time.  Wish me luck!  Working in this small scale with the relatively unwieldy Power Functions components is maddening!  Out of desperation I actually spent a couple hours trawling the Interwebs for inspiration from other builders, and I found none!  The small handful of other RC, PF-powered narrow gauge trains I could find are all thicker in the bodies and/or use completely custom batteries & wiring.  I remain determined, for now, to stick to an actual 4-stud width (as the old monorail sets remain my inspiration) and unmodified LEGO components!

NEW: See the Feb. 25, 2014 update & complete rebuild!

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