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Monday, January 27, 2014

Behind the Scenes: The "Sort Me" bins

Yeah buddy!  The picture looks small, but that stack-o-bins is two feet wide, almost 1 1/2 feet tall!  All unsorted parts waiting to go into the proper collection.  The bottom is Mega Bloks parts, followed by miscellaneous LEGO stuff.  Next upward on the left are all of the Hero Factory IFB parts that didn't go in my HF-centric part bins, and the rest is mostly minifig stuff.

With the exception of the handful of Star Wars items in the tub that can just barely be seen in the upper right hand corner, this mountain of stuff is all just extras, not including any of the recent full 2014 sets I reviewed; you saw those still sitting on shelves last time and they haven't been touched yet!  This is just miscellaneous stuff that has accumulated over the past couple of months!

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  1. what os the status of the zoo im sure everyone wants to no