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Friday, January 24, 2014

Behind the scenes: The boxes

Everybody sees the YouTube videos that just magically appear online, sometimes ten or so of them over the course of a single hour.  Very, very few people ever see the hours, days, and weeks of overtime effort that go into making those short little videos.

Some of the work is quite unexpected, like the task of discarding packing materials & boxes!  The photo above (click to see it larger) shows just the most recent stack of cardboard items that I had to shred by hand into the recycling bin.  Foot-crushing doesn't work at all -- I need all of this stuff small & absolutely flat to fit!  During peak product release season I generate a stack this size about every two weeks, and the picture doesn't even show the mountain of bags and intermediate packing materials that were dealt with separately.

The boxes in the pile offer interesting hints into what goes on behind the scenes.  There are a number of never-filmed duplicate sets, purchased just for parts for MOCs.  There are some hard disk drive boxes from the newest additions to my many terabytes of raw video storage needs.  In one corner are a couple of boxes from custom-cut Venetian blinds that went into the entirely new studio space I started using last week.

There's no magic to what I do, just a whole lot of work, most of which is never seen!

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  1. I'm curious… Will you be using every brick for your lego city, or will you be selling off the pieces you don't use?