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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A tidal wave approaches...

After my record-breaking reviewing stint with the LEGO Movie sets, I am taking a well-earned break to do a bit of MOC-making.  The break won't last long, though.

I just took a careful tally.  At this very moment, 49 LEGO sets are on their way to me from 3 different countries.  Think about that for a second.  Forty-nine complete, new, unopened sets; all new 2014 releases at that!  My wife & I will be building for weeks once this stuff touches down!  Add to that the 25 more sets we already have on-hand, stacks of minifig mystery packs, and MOCs currently underway or in the near-term plan, and all of you are going to be kept very thoroughly entertained for quite some time to come!

Whew!  This is exciting!!


  1. Does Lego send you sets for free Jang due to your popularity?

    1. Nope I have no affiliation or contact with The LEGO Group whatsoever.

  2. Looking forward to your reviews of these new Lego 2014 sets Jang!

  3. Jang! You never cease to amaze me!!! Looking forward to your reviews of these new 2014 Lego sets, especially the ones on Hero Factory. :D

  4. hey jang have thought about doing a museum with the 2012 lego dino sets and on you last lego city update you did not mention city hall do you still have plans for it?