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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

New 2014 LEGO Friends & Disney Princesses set reviews!

The LEGO Friends line launched to huge worldwide success in 2013, and already it looks like the 2014 line is going to be even more successful.  I've been to my local Toys R Us several times in the past week to try to get new sets when they're released, and I've seen cases of new Friends sets brought in, yet to this very day their entire Friends shelving unit remains almost empty because the sets have been selling so well!  Only the polybags have managed to stay in stock for more than a day or so!
The 2014 sets have the added distinction of introducing a number of exciting brand new parts to the LEGO world, parts that are useful not only within the Friends theme, but with all traditional minifig-scale themes as well!  Even guys should check out the parts in these sets!

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