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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

LEGO Hero Factory 2014: HF goes Minifig-scale!

I'm going to repeat the title of this post for effect.  LEGO Hero Factory 2014: HF goes Minifig-scale!


Direct link to the original information source:

This Eurobricks member claims to have seen pictures of the sets and if you follow the above thread after the linked post, you will read all sorts of informative descriptive tidbits.  There are no public photos yet, but the information does sound quite very believable.

The synopsis?  Hero Factory begins 2014 with a theme called Invasion From Below. Heroes are minifig-scale and have mostly headless mechs with torsos that the pilots stand in.  The mechs are said to use "HF" parts, though I would personally expect to see a bit of a System-Technic-ball & socket hybrid setup a little more like the Ninjago mechs.

What do you think?!  Share your comments below!  Personally, I think this is fantastic.  I'd love to be able to make all manner of Hero Factory vehicles & buildings with the countless System & Technic and ball & socket parts I have.  The current system is very simple and great for younger kids, but it can become painfully limiting once you start trying to go off-canon and do truly custom creations.  I almost always end up dipping into other bins to try to bring some originality to my HF MOCs.  With a move to minifig scale, or something very close, I could let Hero Factory elements touch down in my LEGO city layout from time to time!


  1. That sounds pretty nice. We can have some herofactory exoforce! Awesome.

  2. He's also given some info in regards to the villains.

    Apparently, the villain that I assume to be Jaw Beast has been described to look like a Balrog and is mostly black with hints of red and carries a scythe. Flyer Beast is a neo-Waspix sort of creature that is black and yellow with hints of trans-yellow. Splitter Beast (by process of elimination) is black, purple, and medium azure.

    Breez is also riding on Flyer Beast as if she is trying to find his weak spot.

  3. idk what you say but i think that in 2014 there will be Hero Factory Outlaws...

    1. That was a fan-made picture made many months ago based on 2.0 parts. The person who made it came out and told everyone openly it was just a little fun art project. There never has and never will be anything official about Outlaws. Folks need to stop pretending it's official when it is not in any way, and never was :)

  4. Oh ok...Then minifig scale hf figures will be awesome!

  5. Avron, Bionicle MasterOctober 10, 2013 at 9:34 PM

    Sounds interesting.

  6. Come on Lego give us some full size pics.Has anyone even found any pictures anyways?

    Lil Dog 1216 signing off

  7. I remember that Exo-Force was one of my favorite themes alongside Bionicle in my late childhood. But now HF mechas and minifigures are VERY cool, but I believe that the heroes are the legacy of Exo-Force :)

  8. If they come out, will you do Or'da and Specimen minifigs?

  9. Now THAT sounds AWESOME! I've read that all the mechs are humanoid, btw (except Evo's. His is a four-legged turret(SWEET)) and all come with those breakout blasters (except Stormer. His has a sword). MY thought on what the beasts look like are Jaw Beast is a weird shark thing, Flyer Beast is a humanoid "creature" that can fly, and Splitter Beast is a two-headed... something. MY thoughts on what the mechs look like, other than what i stated, is that,based on the names, Stormers is an ice themed melee mech, Furnos is a flying fire themed mech, Rockas is a stealthy golden mech, and Evos is the walker turret thing. I think the XL version of Evo will either be a bigger,more armored/detailed version of the walker or a humanoid version with a turret for a head or arm and a sword in the other hand. Plus, come on, Minifig Hero Factroy? That's just AWESOMESAUCE!

  10. The concept sounds really nice, kind of takes me back to Exo-Force, but actually seeing pictures of some of the prototype sets, I'm not sure if they are handling it well or not.

  11. I've seen the pics, and they are AWESOME! My thoughts are as follows:
    EVO Walker: looks good, despite no real feet. i like some of the new colored pieces. he comes with all 3 colors of bug minions, so that's cool. 4/5
    EVO XL Machine: again, looks good, despite the weird legs. why didn't lego just do a Rocka XL or Black Phantom type of leg? still, good. my favorite mech. 5/5
    BREEZ Vs. Flyer Beast: cool. i like how Breez is trying to ride Flyer Beast in the pic. LOL, Flyer Beast has a radio antenna as a weapon! 4.5/5
    FURNO Jet Machine: HE HAS NO REAL HANDS! looks good, though. probably my least favorite mech of the bunch. 3.5/5
    STORMER Vs. Jaw Beast: best tiny villain EVER! opening mouth, cool design, PURPLE AND TEAL PIECES! 4.5/5
    ROCKA Stealth Machine: THIS IS NOT STEALTHY! IT'S BULKY! still good looking. that claw thing is neat. 4/5
    EVO & FURNO Vs. Splitter Beast: I LUV DIS SO MUCH! definitely my first buy. he has two heads, and (might) split into two smaller monsters. EVO AND FURNO ARE TRYING TO TRIP HIM! LOLOL! 6/5
    STORMER Freezer Machine: sweet. awesome looking sword. what is up with that pose the mech is in, though? is he a model? either way, its cool 4/5
    Overall Rating: 4.5/5

  12. Has anyone thought about how the sets will combine, like in past toy lines? Here's how I think it will work:
    JB+SFM (stormer is fighting jaw beast).
    FB+FJM (they both fly).
    EXLM+EW (both feature Evo)
    SB+RSM (last 2 sets)

    1. No!
      Not if they will do this:
      JB+SFM (just like you said)
      FB+RSM (kinda senceless, but Breez and Rocka are both just included in 1 set each)
      SB+FJM+EW (If Splitter Beast can split, Furno fights the flying part and Evo the walking one)
      EXLM (For himself, just like Jet Rocka)

    2. I was just sharing MY thoughts on what they would look like. I like your idea, though. I don't think one of SB's halves can fly. Those pincers on the back of SB are the blue half's arms. they work like JB's. also SB can split, so, W00TW00T!

    3. Officially, THIS is how they combine:
      FJM+EW=double cockpit mech
      RSM+SFM= chunky mech (torso is upside-down)
      JB+FB+SB=3 headed hydra monster
      EXLM+an arm from the other 4 mechs (the arm with the printed H armor on it) =6-armed EXLM
      just FYI

  13. The Uncomfirmed Name for summer is:
    44023 Rocka Climber Machine
    44024 Tunneler Beast vs. Surge
    44025 Bulk Drilling Machine
    44026 Crystal Beast vs Bulk
    44027 Breez Anchor Machine
    44028 Surge and Rocka Battle Machine
    44019 Queen Beast vs. Furno, Evo and Stormer.
    On Eurobricks. And no Stringer and Nex... again, :(

  14. Jang will you make mocs for this series?(i would LOVE to see Blanko as a minifig