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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Update and apology!

Hey everyone, sorry about the slow updates on the blog this week!  My life has been more hectic and busy than usual for the past little while and thrown into the middle of it all was a swap to a new computer that has left a lot of things in shambles and in-between states as I try to get everything set up again.   As you can see from this evening's posts, I have maintained my commitment to pumping out videos on a regular basis regardless.

Here are some of the things that are coming up soon:
  • Three more Legends of Chima set reviews including two older Speedorz
  • Still more Mega Bloks Halo items, including a stack of current battle packs, two older vehicle sets, and the absolutely epic Forward Unto Dawn (which I have finished!)
  • A few random Kre-O mystery pack figures I picked up from a theme I've never before touched
  • A Best-Lock brand set review, if you can believe it (I could hardly believe it myself)
  • Full video overviews of Zeyek and his starship, long delayed but still coming!
  • A full explanation of the old "Order" storyline I had going for Hero Factory, along with clear video overviews of some of the characters and a reveal of another Brotherhood of the Light character MOC.

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