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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Mega Bloks Call of Duty toys are upon us! My first review!

I only just found out about the Mega Bloks Call of Duty line a few days ago, and as it turns out, they're already hitting store shelves!  Sneaky!  This is a big deal, guys & gals.  Not only is CoD a hugely popular & successful franchise, but the figures included with these new Mega Bloks sets are nothing shy of fantastic with their realism, articulation, and ability to be customized.  Even if you are anti-Mega Bloks, this is something you should have a look at.


  1. I actually got two identical bags with the missiles and dreads in them. It's crazy how the QMC is with Mega Bloks. If they could just fix that area of their business then they could start becoming a bigger threat to Lego. Maybe you're videos will catch the eye of a Mega exec or something.

  2. Hey Jang, I had a question for you. I built this set a few weeks ago and have had hit sitting untouched since then. I looked at it today and noticed both treads snapped! I'm not sure if it is because I am in a dryer climate (I live in the desert in so Cal) or what. Have you had anything similar happen to yours or any other tread based sets from MB? Just wondering what the heck happened to mine! At least I have another set of treads.

    1. Common problem with the first production run, I'm afraid. Lots of folks have experienced this :( Use their part replacement form to get new ones -- they shouldn't self-destruct any longer.

    2. Thanks man! I will go ahead and do that. I seem to have an issue with almost every set I get from MB (had a ton of issues with the helicopter strike set). I love their stuff, but every time I buy something from them it feels like playing Russian Roulette.