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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Queue update!

Over the past 30 hours or so I have uploaded 13 more videos to YouTube.  That leaves just 11 already-filmed videos in my backlog, with now just 14 videos worth of materials waiting to be filmed.  This is huge progress since my last update!  With ever more time freeing up, this week I've started picking out parts to build the gas station & auto repair shop for my city :)

See the full version of this post for the ever-changing listing of what remains to be done as of this moment.  Some of you may notice I've removed all previously-announced Kre-O Transformers series items, including sets & figures that were already purchased, built, and filmed. Sorry, but I found that Transformers fans were just too brutally snobby on the first videos I did from this franchise.  Since I was trying these products strictly for the viewers and not out of my own interest, I've decided to put that entire theme behind me and use my time to focus on other things that I enjoy!

Items still in the current queue, not yet published:
  • Just one more new LEGO Star Wars set
  • Still more Mega Bloks Halo sets including Forward Unto Dawn and minifig packs
  • 3 more Chima sets
  • Another Ninjago set
  • Handful of new custom vehicle MOCs
  • Still more old (many months old) Hero Factory MOCs, including "The Order" / "Sempax" related items and Zeyek and his starship
  • (Always) updates to my LEGO city as updates are made to the city itself
Upcoming elements of my LEGO city I have publicly announced over the past several months:
  • Hospital, gas station with auto repair shop
  • Metro area (with tall office buildings)
  • Mall with numerous stores, like malls have
  • Park with beach, playground, and changing themes
  • Freight harbor with ships, containers, crane, trucks, etc.
  • Marina with boats
  • Zoo with land, air, and water animals
  • Pet store
  • Residential neighborhood with houses and possibly an apartment complex
  • Military base
  • Passenger train station
  • Elevated narrow-gauge passenger rail line with stops
  • Cars, Trucks (passenger and commercial), other normal vehicles you'll find in any city
  • People (kids, men, women)
  • And much more!

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  1. Well, I'm very sorry to hear about the kreo transformers. I was looking forward to see that, specially the construct-bot.