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Monday, July 1, 2013

LEGO 4-stud PF narrow gauge train update: It Runs!

It has been a few months since my last update on this project, but oh, how far things have come since then!  I finally have a fully working 4-stud-wide, infrared RC, modern Power Functions powered train! 

After trying out a third locomotive design, I went back to the March 25th chassis and got the PF layout and wiring all tidied up.  I'm by no means 100% happy with the aesthetic of the whole train just yet, but I'm really happy with the progress and feel like it's a small accomplishment just to get a 4-wide PF train running at all!  Check it out in action:
Follow the trains topic to see the progression of this design over time!


  1. Could you perhaps do a tutorial on how to make the motor for a train like this work? I'm mostly interested in the configuration of the cogs and such things. I'm collecting the parts needed to build the 8404 tram and I got the same narrow rails you have but in black. It'd be fun to make the tram run on it. :) Oh and how did you attach the big train wheels to the cogs? Don't they usually come with this thin metal bar that you click in the wheel mount?

  2. Where did you get this track?