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Friday, July 12, 2013

Introducing: JANGBRiCKS!

Folks, I hate to do this to y'all again (if you've been around long enough to have witnessed the last move, but I'm making one final move to allow me to take my LEGO building, reviewing, and MOC making experience to the next level and beyond.  Everything is explained in this video:
The summary is as follows:
  1. My YouTube channel has not substantively changed -- same location, content, everything -- I just have a new alias when I post.  You do not need to re-subscribe.  You do not need to update anything.  It's all taken care of so there is NO inconvenience to anyone!
  2. now forwards you to instead of Look at the address bar on your browser!  You're already here!  All of the posts have been copied over.  All of the content is here.  Everything will continue as if nothing had happened.
  3. I will be buying & reviewing far more different types of sets than ever before, in response to your feedback, including licensed theme sets (see the video) and even some non-LEGO products. 
  4. This is entirely, fully, completely, a positive change that is nothing but good news for everyone and I will not reverse the change!  This is it!

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