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Thursday, June 27, 2013

LEGO Galaxy Squad Galactic Titan 70709 in-hand REVIEW video!

LEGO's Galaxy Squad Galactic Titan set has over 1,000 pieces and is the biggest of the sets in the series, period.  This one is part of wave 2, for Summer 2013, and was one of the last Galaxy Squad sets to be released for the year! 


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  1. Hi Lego Jang, I am five years old and love to watch your videos about Galaxy Squad. My favourite one is the Galactic Titan. I like the split function and then the two Galactic Titan things are called Planetary Defender and Deep Spacer Destroyer. I've got the Swarm Interceptor, Eradicator Mech and Hive Crawler. I really like the Warp Stinger but I like the Space Swarmer more than the Warp Stinger but the Warp Stinger has more wings than the Space Swarmer. What's your favourite set Lego Jang? Thank you for your reviews. From a Fan in Melbourne, Australia.