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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Toys R Us giveth, Toys R Us taketh away is once again engaging in their maddening LEGO release season malaise.  Late April through the first week of this month, all new Hero Factory Brain Attack Wave 2 figures except for Evo & Aquagon were showing as "not available online" and "in stores," though they were not yet in stores.  The same went for the City Coast Guard, Chima Ultrabuild, and Galaxy Squad Wave 2 sets.  On May 9th, all came in stock for online ordering, except for the 2 missing HF figs, Galaxy Squad Galactic Titan, and Coast Guard Surfer Rescue.  The evening of the 13th, Evo & Aquagon were added to the site, ready to order, though listed with generic & incorrect names of "LEGO Hero Factory Fall Ast1," "Ast" standing for "Assortment."  The Surfer Rescue set also came up in stock.  By the following morning, all of these new sets had been removed from the site entirely, except for Aquagon, who was pulled hours later.  When I say removed, I mean removed.  The product IDs (I saved them) now come up as invalid.

It's endlessly frustrating that this sort of madness occurs every single time there's a new major LEGO release.  In the United States, Toys R Us is frequently the first source for new sets, before LEGO stores even, and folks who want the sets quickly need to rely on either astounding luck or the spare time to check the TRU site every hour (if not more frequently) to catch products the moment they appear (sometimes with wrong names, or in wrong categories making them hard to find), before they get removed, re-added as "out of stock," removed, moved, renamed, and then re-listed days later.  Does anyone have any inside information from TRU to explain this insanity?

PS:  Don't worry, I did get all of the new sets.

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