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Monday, May 20, 2013

LEGO Coast Guard Helicopter set 60013 review!

One of two aircraft we get in the summer 2013 Coast Guard series under the City umbrella.

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  1. Dear Jang,

    For starters, our family is extremely grateful for your thoughtful and kid-friendly reviews. In my opinion, you are encouraging creativity and imagination in our future generation. Thank you. My son is 5, and rarely asks for a Lego set without watching the video on your blog. He loves to study the instruction booklets and has a cool fleet of helicopters and ships. He loves the Coast Guard sets--this build was special, as his grandfather was a USCG helicopter repair technician in the Korean War. As the series is now going into retirement, it would be my hope that something honorable takes its place.

    Do you have any video or blogs for design thinking & free builds for little guys? Offering some suggestions about mixing in an open-ended design options with classic sets. We are just letting him explore. Art camp next week!