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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

LEGO City Bank & Money Transfer 3661 review!

Alright, back in business!  This is the first LEGO video I've uploaded to YouTube in over a month!  That's right, if you hadn't noticed, all of the videos I unveiled in April had my first comments added between March 30 & April 3!  I've just been teasing them out so that I wouldn't get the usual agonizing stream of "JENG R U DEAD?!" comments that flood the gaps of time when I'm doing other things in my life than uploading videos to YouTube.  YouTube is not my whole life, you see, and I've had quite a lot of real-world stuff going on.  Now, though, in addition to the real-world stuff, I'm adding back in a fresh stream of videos as the new wave of 2013 set releases approaches!

This Bank here is not a new release, but it's another of those cool-looking recent-year City sets that I just had to get my hands on.  I believe I have just a couple more of this type of vid to go before it's back to only new stuff & MOCs.  However the first of my new product videos will be coming up even sooner than planned, as a package arrived at my door from the LEGO Shop just this afternoon!  Stay tuned, but for now, here is...

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