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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Video reviews on Brickset!

Since Brickset added a video review section to their set details pages, a number of you have suggested that I submit some of my own content.  Though I'm a regular Brickset user, I didn't even have an actual account there when video reviews were added.

Fast forward to today, and everything is all set and over 110 of my reviews are now on Brickset!  A fair number of them had actually been submitted by another member in February (thank you, whoever you are!), but now the list is complete and I verified that all of the links were correct and appropriate.

While going through this process I was practically forced to peek at some of my older videos, and all I can say is, wow have things improved with time.  I mean, my earliest LEGO videos were super-dry and, well, I'm just glad I've been self-critical, listened to feedback, and morphed my style over time.  I hope to do even better once the summer release season hits!

Lastly, I've said this before, but I'm saying it again.  Thank you all for your support!!

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