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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Updates! Updates!

Hi!  Obviously thus far in 2013 I've focused primarily on System sets since I finally re-opened the door to the wonderful word of actual bricks, freeing myself from the strict confines of the large action figure series. I needed to get through a lot of current & recent sets to let the world know that I'm legitimate and serious about System, and also to quickly build up a wide variety of parts to make custom creations.  I'm almost done with the most modern sets I wanted to acquire. Next, I'll be primarily digging into the recent past of City, grabbing some of the nicer & less-common sets that I missed over the past decade.  I'll also sprinkle in some recent Creator house sets to give myself practice in building residential units, while particularly getting familiar with current roof & window parts.

All of this catch-up will be over very soon (I built 3 sets today alone!), and then things will calm down to a more normal rate.  I'll still buy & review an occasional older set, but mostly focus on new releases in the City, minifig-scale Creator, and of course large action figure series.  Before and between big new LEGO releases, I'll have lots of time again for MOCs, and I'll go back & forth between System and Hero Factory themes on those!

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