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Friday, March 15, 2013

Shortened LEGO Maersk locomotive

I really did plan on keeping my Maersk train intact and non-customized, I swear!  It looked perfect to me in every way when built to official LEGO specs.  However, when I set it down on a siding in my digital layout in BlueBrick, things did not look right at all.  The locomotive was just too, too long for the small spaces in which I wanted to use it, particularly a freight transfer siding next to a harbor.

It was pretty demoralizing, and made me extremely envious of folks who have tons of space to make huge layouts.  Rather than being sad about what I couldn't do, I decided to focus on what I could.  The engine was too long, so I shortened it!  Compare the photo above to the pic from my review:

You can see that the nose is clearly shorter now, but actually the entire thing has been shrunk down.  It's around the same length as my Amtrak/Metroliner engine now, and looks significantly better (less askew) going around a tight 9V track curve.  On to the next challenge!

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