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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My LEGO city & train layout, first public concept

I've been mentioning a full-on LEGO city (note the lowercase 'C') for awhile now, and at last I have decided upon where it will go, and that has given me an exact size, which in turn let me flesh out a possible set of details in BlueBrick.


Click the picture above to see it full-sized with some quick annotations.  Pay no attention to the finest details of what sets are depicted, where small gaps appear in the tracks, etc.  None of that is relevant.  This is a draft digital mock-up that is as good as it needs to be to convey what's going on with the layout.

This has been designed with a heavy focus on the trains, hence the reason I have two full train loops that can be run independently plus a good-sized train yard for rolling stock storage.  The skinny monorail-looking loop is a mock-up for what will be my 4-wide/narrow-gauge elevated intra-city shuttle train.

This layout has been through hundreds of revisions, and there are surely more to come, but this gives you an idea of the general types of things to expect!

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