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Monday, March 25, 2013

LEGO 4-wide train update

Continuing on from my first prototype, this here is my next step in creating a full PF-powered 4 stud wide narrow gauge train.  You can see that I've got the vertical motor configuration working, though the four-wheel-drive, bevel-only gearing is a very tight fit!

I've also started experimenting with different coupling techniques.  I need to use multiple styles as the engine segment needs a certain amount of weight added from the battery box to balance it and maintain traction.  For the passenger cars behind, I'm also going to consider using extra-small train wheels that fit on slotted wheel axles, instead of these larger ones with Technic axle holes.  That should help me to keep the floors, and thus center of gravity, moderately low.

I've gotten the prototype as shown above running around a test loop just fine, so there's good progress.  I should be able to make this thing IR controlled without too much trouble, though I'm still debating whether to actually go that route, or to attempt a classic monorail style of switch-based control.

Follow the trains topic to see the progression of this design over time!

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  1. Hi JangBrick can you share the lego parts that you use for the mechanical part and instruction also ? thank you!