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Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Crystals of Zemai-4, part 7

Just when doom seemed absolute and inescapable, the very most unlikely allies emerged from the shadows...

The in rapid succession, the members of the Brotherhood met their violent ends before the glowing energy swords of the Dark Order.  Soon even Lecius himself was disarmed and facing his demise. One Rokkun miner, cowering behind a lifter, overheard some sort of final offer being extended to the fallen villain, but the offer was evidently refused, as quickly thereafter, Lecius was relieved of his head.

The same member of the Dark Order who had delivered the ominous warning so long ago now summoned the Rokkun out of hiding, for yet another proclamation.
"The sacred crystals beneath your feet, shall bring you pain and despair for so long as you covet them. When you depart this time, remove this system from your navigational databases. Spread word to your people that swift death will greet any who set foot upon this planet. We MAINTAIN protection of this land. DO NOT return."

Nothing further was said.  The seven warriors stood their ground silently as the weakened Rokkun liberated their transports and departed Zemai-4 for the very last time.

Members of the Dark Order number in the hundreds, but they tend to matters covering many galaxies, ensuring their own rarity.  These seven, however, took a sacred vow to remain upon the desolate surface of the planet for the remainder of their existence, to protect Zemai-4 and its crystals from all invaders, at any cost...
Or, should I say, to protect all invaders, from Zemai-4, and its crystals...
So ends this cautionary tale from the master chronicler himself, Zeyekti-Iiloptinous Mazzourel, a.k.a. Zeyek.

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