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Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Crystals of Zemai-4, part 5

All good things eventually come to an end, and such was certainly the case on Zemai-4.  Zeyek continues his account...
Angry Rokkun miners of all ranks and duties slowly and intimidatingly encircled Lecius.  Lecius broke the silence:
"Consider this, a negotiation..."
A miner interrupted,
"No!  No negotiation, we want you g..."
Lecius drew his spear-like energy staff weapon with his left hand and pointed it at the two mine managers who were standing together on the opposite side of the circle.  Slowly closing upon them, he continued...

"This, is a negotiation. I will give you two chances to increase my share to fifty percent of all material drawn from the mines."
The crowd gasped in unison.  The Rokkun who had interrupted earlier, did so again:
"To Xhin with you, ruffian!"
Without breaking his slow and deliberate stride, without breaking his gaze upon the mangers, Lecius drew his second weapon with his right hand, aimed at the boisterous Rokkun, and shot him through one of his shins, collapsing him to the ground.
"You now have, one, final chance, to increase my share, to fifty percent."
By now he had reached the edge of the circle and the point of his glowing, activated spear was nearly brushing the chins of the mine managers as it was slowly swung from side to side.  Defiantly, the site leaders stood their ground.
"You are a filthy, greedy criminal! We will make no further deals with you!"

Lecius raised his eyebrows with a bit of contrived surprise.

"Very well, then."

Quickly, he spun to face the center of the circle, but not before extending his spear ever so slightly further.  He sliced the throats of both mine managers, and they immediately fell dead.  Lecius looked around at the rocky terrain and the tallest mining machinery about the site as he retraced his previous steps. The living circle of Rokkun widened and parted before him.
"This mine, and all of its Sangrys, its Quaza, its Imbolan, its Khlorydar, its Leptul, and its Cymbis, is now property of the Brotherhood of the Light. You all work for me. You will no longer transport a single crystal off this planet.  You will no longer leave, this planet, for any reason. You will no longer make contact with any one or any thing, off this planet.  You will assist in the construction of a refinery in the valley, there [pointing]. You will follow my instructions to the letter and without complaint, or I and my brethren... will relieve you of your breath."
The morning Zemai sun had just begun to peek over the far ridge, and on that ridge, dozens of menacing silhouettes appeared.

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