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Monday, January 28, 2013

Roundup for the week!

Another big week of LEGO content from me!  Let's sum it all up:
  • Things kicked off with a Hero Factory MOC called X-OR, built with no particular rhyme or reason.
  • Next came Rachnox, a spider-derived Hero Factory Brain Attack MOC using part of the core of my Cuboid Snowflake creation.
  • The Weekend Off-Roader was my first System MOC in years.
  • Years after capturing the footage, I released my before & after video of the Guardians of Zemai-4, following the earlier story relayed by Zeyek.
  • It's not proper DNA, but the Double Helix MOC from my Hero Factory GEO series certainly looks like it from afar.
  • After watching too many episodes of the 1980s GI Joe series on Netflix, I made a couple of small tanks, one very small and one just sorta small.
  • The Pick-A-Brick portion of my last LEGO Shop order finally arrived.
  • I continued my Galaxy Squad series reviews with the Vermin Vaporizer.
  • Hero Factory GEO continued with the unveiling of a small pyramid.
  • What do you know, yet another System MOC, already!  This one's a wheeled vehicle, but with only one wheel!
  • I proudly showed a new-to-me 2001 Metroliner series train from eBay.
  • The GEO experiment bore still more fruit, this time with a proper cube.
  • With all of this new stuff, it was time to disassemble another old Bionicle MOC.
  • Okay, one small thing disassembled, time to replace it with a gigantic lot of new (and old) parts!
Whew!  What a week indeed!

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