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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Just call me Mister PAB!

See that?  That's what I got in my first ever LEGO Pick-A-Brick order!  Really convenient, really easy, and shipped within a week here in the US.  I still prefer Bricklink for most special orders, but there was some stuff on PAB that was actually out of stock worldwide on BL at the time, and I ended up picking up some extra stuff on the side that I wasn't expecting.


  1. im ordering lodes of mocing parts right now!

  2. I don't recognize that brown part there...

    Good idea with ordering rare parts (orange 5 shells, white bones).

  3. they also do this at lego stores, when i first did it i picked up a hero core, not knowing what it was till i matched it up with the hf 2011 display there. i inicially put it back but a employee was cleaning up dropped parts, and she gave them to me for free,there was an orange hero core in there(bulk's). that was what got me interesed in hero factory. been eager to pick up some more hf parts there ever since.

    1. I have a few Lego stores relatively close to me and all they have is a bunch of basic system parts... I wish they had any HF parts there at all.

    2. ya ive been looking for a long time for a lego store that sells pick a brick such luck. this is changing the subject, but i just finished a prototype of an xl hero. 29 centimetres!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also, i gave it a custom torso. another first! i did use black phantoms leg design though...

  4. Came within a week, you say? I ordered something like two and a half weeks ago. We were still waiting, then realized that it was supposed to come within 13-18 business days. Anyway, maybe your order just came really fast, but that's still surprising!