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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hero Factory RACERS: Blanko + HeroCycle

Blanko has returned to us, at least at a point in history, in Hero Factory Racer guise with his unbelievably lame "HeroCycle" 3-wheeled engineering mess.  There's so much fail in this picture, I couldn't simply summarize it, I had to just break down & talk about it outright, and talk, and talk.
This is my last Hero Factory Racers pair.... for now?


  1. Caled it! A few posts ago, I suggested Blanko on a tricycle. Jang probably didn't get the idea from there, but still, called it! :)

    What exactly does yesterday's hero of tomorrow mean? I never figured that out. Is it like the saying, "What is today but yesterday's tomorrow?"

    So the one and only, the incomprable, the mighty, yesterday's hero of tomorrow, Blanko 1.9, is still around to haunt -cough- I mean entertain us.

  2. yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i knew he would do blanko!!!!!!!!!!

  3. EPIC WIN.

    Not to be critical of this AWESOME MOC, but in the original Blanko 1.9 video, his skullcap was orange. Now, it's red. Personally, I like the red.

  4. No!
    It shoulda been a freakin' unicycle!

    And this thing only drives in circles... (actually, that's exactly what I'd expect from Blanko.)

    Well at least he still has his double-barreled yellow snow cannon on his quadruple-jointed left leg.

  5. Honestly, I think that mini-Blanko is more impressive than the HeroCycle. It's a great smaller representation of a figure originally designed on a completely different scale. I especially like the downsized Metal Sphere Shooter, which actually resembles the original weapon greatly.

    The bike's alright, and it manages to pull off a messy yet somewhat cohesive look.

    But IMO Blanko's the main star here. And anyways, Blanko always makes me lol. So I lol'd.

  6. blanko is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What has he gotten himself into. A jumbled mess apparently.

  7. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Blanko most have a really hard time driving

  8. XD I almost died laughing.....

  9. You'd think he would have either been really pathetic or semi-awesome. But,he's now the best of both worlds!