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Monday, January 23, 2012

Hero Factory Breakout (series 4) wave 1 video reviews - ALL

I've reviewed all of the LEGO Hero Factory "Breakout" hero and villain sets alike.  Here are convenient links to all of the original posts for future reference.

Hero Factory Heroes:

Hero Factory Villains:
See also my combination model reviews.


  1. Take Thornraxx away and they look good together.

  2. What!? Thornraxx is awesome! I cant wait till he is in canada!

  3. Toxic Reapa Ok Creepy dude
    Jaw Blade Strange design but good
    Thornraxx EPIC DESIGN but I wish he had 2more azura limbs
    Split Face Cool, Buff, and hard to moc unless you got 2
    Black Phantom Demonist but have Fire lord design X(

  4. i think the villians all look cool but the good guys could use some more fire power and i think furno isn't such a striking design, his swimming booster thingies look a bit strange don't like it