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Friday, September 9, 2011

LEGO Hero Factory MOC: Specter 3.0

Specter, the LEGO Hero Factory's first and most popular unofficial official 2.0 series hero, has returned to the scene with new animal power adaptations...

  • Role: [classified]
  • Animal power: Dawnscythe Bat
  • Weapon: Twin retracting uranimite spikes
  • Special ability: Stealth
Never fully understood from the start, Specter has fallen deeper beneath a shroud of mystery with the recent and very rare removal of his official role and mission status from the public record.  It is not known what team he is associated with, nor what the chain of command above him looks like.  We'll have to dig deeper for answers.
Interesting tidbits:
  • Rumors continue to circulate of Specter, Onyx, and several other heroes meeting secretly. Whispers are of a "loss of order" within the Hero Factory.
  • Specter 2.0 earned over 100,000 YouTube video views (and counting) and was the most frequently replicated 2.0 MOC in the official Hero Factory gallery.
  • Specter 3.0 was built in July.


  1. "loss of order"? That would make a great storyline!

  2. Chronos, Lord of TimeSeptember 10, 2011 at 4:20 AM

    Hey JANG! Awesome MOC! I've been looking forward to seeing this one. I just knew that he was going to be a bat! Great head choice, I thougt the helmet was custom at first, but a few people on YouTube said it was from Ultimate Dume. I know who Dume is but somehow I have never seen the set... But now I need that mask badly! And I think those are the gunmetal wings, as opposed to black or dark blue? Also on your YouTube video you said that you are working on a self MOC... Lorne as a hero would be awesome. Just putting it out there.
    Also, I agree with the above comment that a storyline about 'loss of order' would be cool... Is it part of the upcoming Zeyek storyline?

  3. Nice!! Is that a custom head, or an old bionicle one like you used for surge?

  4. I knew it was coming

  5. Love it!! Are you gonna do a redox or ruze 3.0

  6. SO COOL... This MOC is pure awesome. Great head choice, and NPU with the Phantoka Makuta wings.

  7. Chronos, Lord of TimeSeptember 10, 2011 at 4:20 PM

    Storyline Idea!

    The "Hero Recon Team" is just a front for the the orginazation known as the HRDS, or Hero Reconnaisance Defense Squadron, co-led by Specter and Onyx. A high-ranking member of the HRDS, Merrick Fortis, and his assistant Vic Tory, are tasked with the running of the "Hero Recon Team". Members of the HrT are not told initially about the HRDS, however if they gain elite status within HRT, they join HRDS.
    Anyway, Specter, Onyx, and Makuro believe that a mole has infiltrated the HRDS, but do not want to issue an announcement about the infiltration, lest the mole know they've been found out. Specter has received the 3.0 upgrade and has reveled to Quatros, believing that a suspected member of the HRDS fled Makuhero City to hide from Specter. While on the planet Specter observed the defeat of Aldous Witch at the hand, paws, and assorted weaponry of Alpha Team. He later made brief contact with the team, congratulating them on their success. He left the planet, finding nothing, and returned to his 2.0 form (which was more effective than the 3.0 form outside of the jungle). Onyx stayedin his 3.0 formand joined Specter on the hunt for the runaway spy. (TBC)

    Just an idea. Ignore it if you want, or use it, fine either way.

  8. epic moc ! i love the idea of there being a darker side of hero factory ( mostly because i miss the more complicated, darker story of bionicle) but also because it would be a great addition to hf story! so nice work on this one!

  9. U should come out with heroes and with these names u dont have to give me credit i want to know ur listening to everyone of us

    Here are the names: shock supreme (xl hero)
    Samuel elektros
    Joshua sunkiller
    Alex hunt
    Evo 3.0
    Jeff nexus
    Laura wildfire
    If u new how many i made this would seem easy almost

    If its to much trouble dont worry I wont care but i will just ask that u make evo 3.0 its a request nice work hope u find time to do it

    Alex maverick

  10. Hi JANG! Could you pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease make an evo 3.0? Just a thought. And if you could, make rocka, nex, and evo into 1.0 . Thanks

  11. @Anonymous: It was a Kanohi Kraahkan from the Ultimate Dume exclusive set. It is a very rare mask though, and costs $10 on Bricklink.

  12. here is an idea, make combiners of your mocs

  13. You should try and make a Blanko 3.0! And make him have the power of a parrot (because he is heaps of different colours like a parrot and he has a dumb personality). Now that would be awesome!

  14. @ Anonymous: Or a chameleon because like Blanko, chameleons possess many colors (while in camouflage) and because like the goggles he wears, chameleons have bug-out eyes.

  15. or blanko could be... I have no idea what else he could be. blanko 3.9? it could be a good idea.

  16. I like Secter 3.0 but will you make Secter 4.0?

  17. i dont like blanko because too colorful