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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

LEGO Hero Factory MOC: Rocka XL XXS

A MOC of Hero Factory's Rocka XL that's extra-small even compared to the normal version, he's Rocka XL XXS!

This one uses a similar skeleton to my Epic Witch Doctor (XS) MOC, but the upper torso is quite different.  One of my main goals in doing both of these was to maximize the use of the so-called "Hero Factory parts," those ball-and-socket system pieces first released in the second season of Hero Factory for use in all LEGO large action figure series.  I did many, many revisions before arriving at this form that I'm actually very happy with.  There will be no further changes made and no "version 2."


  1. NIIIICE! Even epic-er than Epic WD!

  2. Did you just upload this?! I live in Australia and here it's the 29th today. I do know that america faces towards the sun at nightime here in australia. But it's daytime now in Australia. Anyway nice moc. I like the body. Mind if I use it for one of my MOCs, please?

  3. I only just noticed that the feet are hero heads connected with a xoox piece.

  4. You know, I noticed the feet too. And also, that joint from the hero weapon is bionicle.

  5. Chronos, Lord of TimeSeptember 29, 2011 at 2:55 AM


    I demand to see a MiniAldous vs. MiniRocka stopmotion. :P

  6. Nothing is wrong with Bionicle joints, or any other parts,'used on Hero Factory MOCs. : /

  7. Hey jang
    I know you are busy mocing, but here me out:

    the year bionicle got ended, I was sad... But then I saw how many other people were sad too, sooo, I took it upon myself to create a story that would continue the bionicle story, and still apeal to HF fans

    hence , my video series , bionicle AR was born!

    In it, the last few surviving skrall on spereus magna team up with Von nebula and his gang to launch an all out attack against hero factory, and they succeed...

    Until a year later when they find out a few heroes actually survived and are living on sphereus magna.

    Pleez reply if you wanna hear more!

  8. Very cool! How'd you make that torso?

  9. Daww, ain't he cute? A great mini-MOC; I especially like how the shoulder armor was replicated.

    @Chronos (on mini-Aldous) I am the Cyrix from BZP, and thanks for liking my self-MOC. :D
    And a stop motion fight would be pretty epic.

  10. I Was the first one to see it.Cool,Jang!

  11. Pinch, Punch, First day of the month, No returns!

  12. I don't know if you remember me, but i am Veta from the Alba 2.0 page. I posted the pinch punch thing just before.
    I reckon that MOC would be better if you painted the feet gold.

  13. THIS MOC HAS 67 PIECES!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Chronos, Lord of TimeOctober 1, 2011 at 7:22 PM

    @ Anonymous (11th comment)- ?

    Moar mawks pleez :P (JK)

  15. When will your next MOC be posted?

  16. Plz Lego, bring bioicle back!
    If you are reading this and you were a HUGE fan of bionicle, watch:

    Cause only if you were a true bioicle fan, this video would make you cry :(

    WE MISS BIONICLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. It almost made me cry on several occasions...but I didn't.

  17. Hey, Jang!
    Why don't you make a black Teddy bear MOC? A mini with Stringer's head?

  18. Chronos, Lord of TimeOctober 4, 2011 at 3:22 AM

    @Anonymous (16th comment)- Really dude, just save it. Yeah, we all want it back, but there really is no chance of hat happening. Maybe fairly far in the future it might try a comeback, but it's extremely unlikely.
    No offense, I want it back too. :'( I'm just tired of people saying, "HF is going to end and Bionicle will come back!" Sadly this has absolutely no reason behind it.

  19. 17th comment What is wrong with you? A teddy bear, seriosly?!

  20. @anonymous comment 7:
    No offense, even though you can mix together Bionicle and hf parts for mocing, but you can't mix the universes and storylines.

  21. about how tall is he again? BTW, can you make an XXXL rocka?