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Friday, September 2, 2011

Free Hero Factory canister codes

I cleaned up some of my LEGO Hero Factory canisters & extra parts today and have a handful of spare canister top codes I figured I'd share with y'all from duplicate sets.  I don't know if the codes are first-come first-serve, one-time-use-only, or if they're free-for-all, so maybe only one person will be able to use them, maybe multiple.  What's certain is that what's here is here and that's all that is here and all that I have to post, so please don't try to demand more!  Also, if you try one and it doesn't work, then it just doesn't work, and there's nothing I can do to change that.
From 2.0 heroes:
  • 2141-2WR9Z-66

  • 2141-662TA-07

  • 2065-CZUEP-96

  • 2063-3V66A-13

  • 2067-2G2BU-29

From 3.0 heroes:
  • 2145-FW3LF-58

  • 2182-2NF8B-25

  • 2144-F9F87-11

  • 2183-FW6K7-47


  1. The codes dont work

  2. Hey when you know about 4.0 CA an you tell us thanks

  3. I already have 3 my brother has 3, and am almost certain that all games are the same except for attributes...

    BAD NEWS: Scorpio was never incorporated into the game, not even as a mini boss, it was Waspix instead. Look at the back of a hero instruction book to see.

  4. Chronos, Lord of TimeSeptember 4, 2011 at 6:52 PM

    Hey JANG! the ACTUAL Hero Factory 4.0 has been revealed! I found the info on Eurobricks and on Smashing Bricks.
    Heroes: Breez, Evo, Rocka, Furno, Surge, and one hero seems to be missing from the list. Probably it will be revealed at a later date.
    Villains: Thornraxx, Black Phantom, Toxic Reapa, Splitface, and Jawblade, with either Toxic Reapa or Black Phantom seems to be the main villain.
    This appears to be a toxic/radiation/mutation-oriented theme. Sounds awesome if we get hazmat heroes!
    An interesting theory by some Eurobricks members is that there will not be another hero; they think a hero named Reapa got corrupted, becoming Toxic Reapa, therefor becoming a villain. Sounds neat, but probably won't happen.
    Another interesting note is that 3 of the heroes seem to be villain-priced, with the other 2 being normal hero price; however this is probably a mistake in the set listings. I hope you, and everyone who has been asking, finds this useful!

  5. May not have worked for me by the time I read this entry, but I just wanted to say it was a very nice gesture for you to do this for readers of your blog.

  6. does anyone have pics?

  7. Yes, Anonymus have reason the codes don't work

  8. JANG,you are the most epic person i know.

  9. Anonymous 1st comment, the codes don't work because other people have already used them.

  10. you can obtain free codes from customer service, i did

  11. well,i do have codes but that their only used once they probally dont work ;(