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Monday, August 8, 2011

LEGO Hero Factory MOC: Trachylomid

In this LEGO Hero Factory villain training module, we learn of the Trachylomid, a 4-legged, arguably insectlike water-striding carnivore native to the planet Quatros.
Read on for the full transcript of the narration...

Hello, hero, and welcome to the villain training module for the Trachylomid.
Trachylomids are medium-sized carnivores native to the planet Quatros. They are water striders, able to skim across any moderately still pool or small lake with ease thanks to their broad, microfillament-covered feet and surprisingly lightweight carapace.  Though the body is fairly long and wide, it is deceptively thin.

Trachylomids hunt by way of ambush. They lurk, perfectly still, close to the edge of the water, generally amongst aquatic plants or any overhanging foliage that can provide partial disguise.  Their eyes normally glow brightly, but to avoid giving away their position, they deactivate their own sight and rely upon highly sensitive vibration sensors in their tail-mounted fin, which can also be used to provide forward thrust when they attack.

If you are equipped and certified to battle Trachylomids, disrupt the water surface around then to cause them to lose footing and lose effective mobility.  This will allow you to safely attack.  If you are not certified, you should avoid foliage-lined waterways altogether.

This concludes this villain training module.


  1. This is what you were using that frame for? Cool.

  2. Chronos, Lord of TimeAugust 8, 2011 at 7:29 PM

    Ah, so this is the skeleton you posted earlier! Awesome.

  3. read the comment that is under blanko turning into blanko xl

  4. Nice job on the skeleton. You have inspired me to go more complex with my hero factory mocs. :D Thanks!

  5. So this is what that skeleton was! Awesome! Definitely not a bat!

  6. Chronos, Lord of TimeAugust 13, 2011 at 4:55 AM

    'This concludes this villain training mo-module.' Funny how it skips at the end there on all of the villain videos. Do you think you'll still do the 'villain training modules' for all your villain MOCs, even after Savage Planet?

  7. can you post instructions

  8. sert3210 put this in the hero fac gallery and rocka 2.0

  9. sert3210 took this and rocka 2.0 and put it up on the hero fac gallery