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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

LEGO Hero Factory 2011: Nex 2.0 video review

Here's my video review of LEGO set #2068, Nex 2.0 from the 2011 Hero Factory series:

In the video I take a look at the new ball & socket joints and thin skeleton construction.  This also covers the hero armor and all-new modular head design.

I like this character.  Good overall look, unusual (but good) color scheme, tons of articulation.  Very well designed figure overall.  I think this may even be my favorite among the new LEGO Hero Factory heroes!


  1. Yes, Nex is my favorite, and second is Evo.
    Are they on shops? Cause they are soooo cool...
    More cool than the Glatorians, or the firt Hero Factorys!!