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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lego HERO Factory 2011 heroes, with 2010 heads

I've seen a few people ask what the 2011, "2.0" series Hero Factory heroes would look like with 2010 "1.0" series heads & masks, so here they are in all of their glory.  I like the look a lot.  The height of the head off the torso isn't perfect, but I think these aesthetically look much better than the official 2.0 setups.  Especially Furno of course :)  However, there's a lot less customization that can be done with this style for a given number of parts, so it's a trade-off.

I really hope Lego will release some generic visor/accessory sets to support MOC-making in the new series.


  1. After seeing this I went and bought Furno and Surge 1.0 just for their heads and weapons. My son liked the 2.0 guys, but was so excited to see them with the 1.0 heads (and after watching the Hero Factory movie).

    I also think they look much better with the old heads. The 2.0s have great posability, but look too generic. My son kept telling me the red one is not Furno. I'm thinking of picking up Breeze and Stormer 1.0... but Stormer's head doesn't look like it fits too well there.

    I only wish the old body armor could fit on the new bodies and that Stormer 1.0's cannon arm wasn't a single piece so we could get 2 white hands. We replaced Furno's shield with the 1.0 hand and moved the shield up on his forearm. Now he is really Furno (according to my son).

    Strange how the 1.0 and 2.0 are so incompatible. Hopefully 3.0 will improve on the 2.0 design. I'm hoping they move back to the 1.0 heads (maybe make the connector a little longer like the new design) and just make cool helmets and armor peices. The new head design doesn't stay together very well under rough play but so far the new ball connectors have been working well.

  2. Really interesting products. Keep it up

  3. they arnt too good but the 3.0 ones are according to their animal code

  4. You got your wish. The 4.0 have the 1.0 heads. Rocka and Evo do not, you know this all already.

  5. the new system is way better than the old one, WAY MORE DURABLE!! really hard to break.