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Thursday, October 14, 2010

LEGO Bionicle MOCs: Rahi, part 1

At long last, the time has come for me to get caught up with posting my rahi MOCs!  I'll start with this giant centipede.  It measures 30" long and was built basically just to use up a lot of parts, since some of my parts bins were overflowing badly after a bunch of used collection purchases off eBay.

Next is a dog-like rahi that came about as a result of just trying to find anything really different I could do with an Ehlek mask.  Paired with a Lerahk mask for a moveable jaw, it took on a new life, and the body basically sprouted from there, creating something I think has dog-like qualities.

What better to follow a dog with, than a cat?  This was actually my very first rahi MOC, and it remains my favorite:

This next, hyena-like thing has no name or story behind it.  I also made this in my early days of MOC'ing.

This next creature comes straight from the swamps of Karda Nui, where it wades through the deep marshland, prodding through the murky, weedy waters with its long tongue to search for sugar-rich rhizomes -- energy storage pods of certain plants.


  1. how did u get the technic piece with horns on that rahkshi head on the cat moc? pls reply to ashlon23 on youtube

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  3. Hello! I had a question about the centipede Rahi; I've been decoding the image and creating a list of pieces used, so far I've done pretty well and am nearly complete, but I figured before I finalized it (before i purchased any bricks) I'd ask if you have a list, or recollection of pieces used. I understand this post is now nearly six years old, so I'm not expecting anything, to be honest; but I was just wondering if you remembered any of the details. Thanks! I'm aiming to recreate your design.