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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

LEGO Hero Factory MOC: Xarath

In the LEGO Hero Factory universe, two names are feared more than any other:  Von Nebula, and Xarath.  Each time he appears, he wreaks horrific destruction and causes a major disruption to life in the region he targets.  The last time he visited the outskirts of Makuhero City, he surgically disrupted a key fiber optic communications hub by fusing several fiber bundles together with his shoulder-mounted Modulated Fusion Cannon (MFC), scrambling the flow of data and causing overloads at dozens of regional routing stations.  Over 240,000 citizens were left without connectivity to the Ultranet for over a week.  After repairs were completed, the entire Ultranet infrastructure was audited, and only the one physical location Xarath attacked was found to have been able to create such a devastating chain reaction.  Xarath knew exactly where and how to strike.

Xarath's ultimate motivations are not yet clear, but it is believed that he is a rival of Von Nebula and looking to usurp the power of our most well-known super-foe.

Xarath also carries a double-tipped lance, and by removing the blade head it becomes a tripod for the MFC, allowing more precise long-ranged attacks.


  1. Awesome!!! Nice use of Kongu's mask :)

  2. do you think you will ever sell him?

  3. the coolest moc you've ever created