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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

LEGO Bionicle MOCs: The Ptah

The newest Bionicle Untold posts introduce a species called the Ptah. This finishes off the  discovery story about the origin of the Vorox and Zesk started back in August 2009.  The MOCs were finished long before that, I just procrastinated a lot in posting them while also trying to figure out how the story would come together and also hopefully be plausible in the context of the canon background on the Great Beings and Bara Magna alike.

I really liked the Zesk mask when I first built the normal set and used it in my posing & photographing Bionicles post, and I decided to see what else I could make of it.  This Ptah Guardian was the first creation to come out of those experiments:

The desert regions of Bara Magna made me think of ancient Egypt, so from there came the inspiration to create a tall, proud, gilded warrior.  I liked the colors, so I then just tried out different ways to make similar characters.  The backstory & names all came later.

After these I was running low on dark gold parts, so I tried what I then called a "commando" style with a larger figure, and then put bright gold pieces to use for my very first time for the Royal Elite.

Though I was left with almost no gold parts after these, buying all of those Zesk for their masks produced a surplus of tan one-piece arms/legs, and I had to put those to use too!  The result was this pill bug-inspired desert Rahi covered with "scales" of minifig-scale Visorak from the Visorak's Gate set:


  1. They're awesome. The assassin and his Rahi are my favorite. The pill bug was a good idea too. I'd just suggest bulking the two tallest Ptah's lower legs. For example, you could use brown and black Piraka lower legs instead of metru/hordika ones. Still, good job!

  2. Can you make a tutorial on how to make the brawler weapons, please?

  3. Wow, what a use of mini-Visorak!

  4. These are my favorite mocs from da jang! ^.^

  5. yeah I love the masks to me there one of my favirote mask but I love the first is the first water mask.