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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

LEGO Hero Factory set overview videos

I'm breaking from my MOC series today to share my quick looks at the LEGO Hero Factory first series hero releases.  I wouldn't call these full-on video "reviews," more like "overviews" since there are many more detailed reviews out there that show each individual part in detail and such.  Be sure to watch all 7 (they're short!) and subscribe to my YouTube channel at for future Hero Factory and Bionicle MOC videos!


Individual set overviews:


  1. I cant wait for 3.0

  2. maybe you can make a MOC of Rocka,Evo,and Nex 1.0 Jang.

  3. why dont you build them for us???

  4. LEGOJANG I have an idea for a new Hero-Factory hero figure called Blaze Flash. His birth story starts when Mr. macoroe finds a strange yellow crystal that he thought he saw back in the old days when he fought as a hero! Ms. Macoroe chose to bring it to the Hero-Factory for research, because he found out that the yellow crystal absorbs anything that generates heat or electricity he then chose to use it for a new Hero Core for an experiment called project F.L.A.S.H (Fast, Lethal, with Agility, Skilled, Hero). When they started the project, a clumsy employ bumped in to another employ and dropped some supplies, and an energy grenade fell and exploded on quaza stone chargers and bombed the whole Assembly Tower when the experiment was 99% finished. Everybody was evacuated. Flash survived the electric blast by absorbing it charging his H.C.C. (Hero Crystal Core). Later on he was found and given the name Blaze, after surviving the explosion. For weapons he upgraded surge’s electric sword with super-heated fire and Furno’s upgraded fire plasma gun. And some thing you should know is the he chose the color red because he looks up to furno.

    TO BUILD HIM. Get two Hero-Factory breakout Furno, two Jaw blades one Hero-Factory brain attack Furno XL, one Bionicle akar, one Hero-Factory Furno 1.0, one Hero-Factory breakout Nex, one red LEGO ruby, two Hero-Factory brain attack Stormer, two strait orange blade peace’s and two big long fire pieces.

    1. Get Hero-Factory breakout Furno and make his left arm like his right arm, without the gun.

    2. Replace all white pieces with red pieces with the big side facing the hand.

    3. Add Hero-Factory brain attack Furno XL’s sword to Blaze.

    4. Replace his head with Bionicle akar’s head.

    5. Replace his Hero-Core with Hero-Factory Furno 1.0’s Hero-Core.

    6. Replace his top leg armor with Jaw blade’s back armor.

    7. Add the red ruby to the bottom of his left hand.

    8. Take out the whole blade and replace them with the light gray pieces from Hero-Factory brain attack Stormer sword.

    9. Add the two strait orange blade peace’s to the light gray pieces from Hero-Factory brain attack Stormer with the top point facing outwards.

    10. Add the flame blade pieces from Bionicle akar’s sword.

    11. Add the two red pieces used for Jaw Blade’s jaw to his back tilted downwards.

    12. And finally add the two big long fire pieces to the two red pieces on his back diagonal with the top of the fire going up facing towards the head.

    Please make him and make a review for this mock. I have lots more ideas for Hero-Factory figures such as volkron a villain that is 2 to 3 feet that uses less than 200 pieces.

  5. please make a Von Ness moc because it would be cool