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Sunday, June 27, 2010

The final piece of the puzzle

At last, I have been in contact with Milethi once more.  The price was exhorbitant, but the information she has presented has priceless, though intangible value.  Milethi, a highly skilled scientist in the highly controversial field of Bionicle evolution, first determined the anatomical design of the ancestors of the Vorox, based on evidence in the recent fossil record.  She then did the same for the Zesk, with peculiarly identical results. 

In this newest exploration, Milethi has calculated the eventual evolutionary destiny of the Vorox.  The first image she showed me was this:

I was, unamused, to say the least.  Aside from some slightly altered proportions and colors -- colors, how useless -- this might as well have been an image of a modern-day Vorox!  I had delivered the heads of eight nearly-extinct giant, predatory insects for Milethi's bizarre alchemic experiments, and this was my reward??

Thankfully, for her sake, Milethi quickly explained in more detail how her methods could only determine the likely anatomical details of a past or future creature, not its habits, and certainly not its specific posture.  She then offered the following alternate rendering of the same creature:

Now this, this was the result I had expected.  Ah, yes.  Walking on four legs, prone.  Head forward.  Stinger up.  Like the Zesk!  With the passage of further millenia, I have no doubt whatsoever, that the Zesk and Vorox will one day be but one species again, just as they were countless generations ago, before...

Hrmm.  It is time, I see.  I must... visit an old friend.  He is holding onto some... pictures... for me.  Very valuable pictures.  Pictures, that the Great Beings would very much like to see destroyed, forever.

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