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Saturday, June 26, 2010

LEGO Bionicle Proto-Toa, the TRUE "first Toa"

Toa Helryx.  Celebrated, and rightly so.  But the first Toa, she was not!  How readily history can be distorted in the minds of the many, when the Great Beings want it to be so.  The Great ones are not quite so pure and faultless as they would have you believe.

Like the first Makuta, the first, Proto-Toa, was created in one of the great experimental energized protodermis pools by a number of Great Beings working together -- I believe there were four.  Like the first Makuta, the first, Proto-Toa, did not... behave... as designed.

Genderless, a perfect prototypical physical specimen, the Proto-Toa was the perfect starting point, if you will, for the creation of any and all Toa to follow.  It was aligned to no specific element, but it could adapt to work with any.  It had no Toa tools, but it could learn to use any.  Its motivation was incredibly strong, seeking to adopt any cause to serve, and to work towards any purpose.  This motivation was exactly what deeply disturbed and worried several of the Great ones. 

The Proto-Toa's level of independent emotion was entirely unexpected.  What if it could not be controlled?  What if it was given a task, and it completed that task, only to then choose another for itself?  What if its choices did not agree with those of the very Great Beings who created it?  How large would this risk be with a full team of Toa?  What of multiple teams?  What if they chose to unite against the Great Beings?

Debates over these concerns consumed the entire order of the Great Beings for weeks.  Some of them believed it was time for a more independant class of new beings, while others believed the Toa needed to be purely loyal servants.  The debates grew into increasingly heated arguments, eventually splitting the Great ones into two opposing factions, until...

Hrmm.  This is where, even my information, loses clarity.  I have heard that it was caused by one of the Great Beings who feared the growing division amongst their ranks, who saw only one way to restore peace.  I have heard that it was one of those who opposed the creation of a mentally independent Toa race, filled with spite and rage.  I have heard that it was an accident.  I have even heard that it was the object of all of this in-fighting, itself, feeling solely responsible for the dissention, and just wanting it to stop, for the greater good.  How ever it happened, the Proto-Toa was returned to liquid oneness with the protodermis pool from whence it was created.

The Great Beings eventually returned to constructive discussion, and reached an agreement.  The rest, hmm, was history...

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