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Sunday, May 2, 2010

LEGO Hero Factory MOC: Anansi mobile gun drone

lego hero factory

Stop where you stand!  There may be danger ahead!  Von Nebula has begun deploying the four-legged Anansi gun drones to defend his outposts.  These units are small, but dangerous, packing the power of a full-sized blaster mortar.  Because they are so compact, Anansis have a very small energy reserve and spend most of their time in power-saving standby mode.  Their limited sensor data is continuously monitored from afar, and when a threat is detected, they are brought up to full power and put into action.

lego hero factory
An Anansi has stereoscopic vision and a wide range of motion in its leg joints, allowing it to traverse rough terrain with ease and angle its weapon high towards the sky, down from a clifftop, or anything in between.
lego hero factory

The best strategy for defeating an Anansi is to target its tail section, which contains the remote antenna array.  Beware that they are rarely deployed alone -- where there is one, there is certainly another near!

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