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Thursday, August 27, 2009

I love (Bionicle) Goooooooold!

This week I received a beautiful set of the '02 gold Bionicle Mata Kanohi masks.

Well, one thing led to another, and soon I found myself photographing a whole bunch of gold Bionicle stuff side by side.

As I kept digging, I found even more.

Then things got completely out of hand.

After taking this shot I realized that I had forgotten to raid one of my bins, and I missed all of the Takanuva armor & shoulder pieces. Why do I have so much gold? Basically I needed a lot for another original "species" I've invented for my next upcoming epic. However, I certainly didn't need this many. The bling just got to me -- it corrupted me! Now I can't get enough! Somebody help, make it stoooooppppppp....


  1. Whoah...
    Can I have one of all your pieces?! LOL.
    but seriously...
    can I?

  2. impressive gold collection.. would love to see what your entire collection looks like.


    what the guy above me said.... ... but just with masks.XP

  3. So much gold...
    Not to sound too greedy, but can you share some of your wealth? Please?

  4. lol
    haven't been on site in forever but yah

    I love all ur work, it is great

    especially the hordika

  5. lol, how did you get so much gold? its just funny that u have so much

  6. i was totally drooling over the golden masks. do you work for lego if so wear do signup.

  7. do u have the golden shinpads , cos if u do ill swap for 3 whole bionicles