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Monday, August 10, 2009

Fun facts about the Rilovian storyline

  1. The name "Thedon" came from a line in the trailer for the movie "District 9." A lady said "They don't belong here," but with her accent (Scottish I think?), it sounded to me like "Thedon belon-giya." So, from that I extracted three names for future Bionicle story use, Thedon, Belo, & Giya. Good Bionicle names are hard to come up with, so I'll take inspiration from anywhere I can get it.
  2. The 15 main Rilovian MOCs (Giants not included) were built simply because I was getting bothered by how many parts I had collected. Even with four, 3- and 4-drawer storage cabinets of decent size, I was still running out of space. Some of the drawers wouldn't even close without careful shaking and pushing the parts down. Sadly, even after building all 15 of these MOCs, my (separate) drawers for full legs, small legs, torsos, feet, masks, and common weapons all remained full to look at, but at least they could close without a hassle.
  3. The root of the name of the sun-worshipping group "Rallo" is actually "Ra," the ancient Egyptian sun deity.
  4. Rilovia's Syanic Sea is phonetically named after the color cyan. The water of the Syanic is a bright, almost fluorescent greenish-blue due to dissolved copper compounds and tiny plankton-like creatures with hemocyanin in their blood. Also, what color do you add to blue (light) to get cyan? Green, the regional color of the sea-worshiping Nofi.

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