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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bionicle MOC: Milethi

The latest post from Zeyek is up and features a new character named Milethi, my first female Bionicle creation.

Milethi is as much of a lone ranger in her field as Zeyek is in his. Needing to give her some special equipment to match her unique status on the universe-wide playing field, I realized I had finally found a perfect recipient for my purple-hued sun-damaged copper Huna. Literally everything was built out & down from the mask, focusing on decent height (about 9 1/2"), confidence, and femininity (even got heels in there). Most of the structure is completely custom, with a Mistika Onua front piece giving just the triangular shape I wanted for the middle of the torso (doesn't show up so well in this photo). I'm not entirely sure what she has in her hand. Let's just call it a ceremonial scepter, shall we?


  1. Err. how ;bout leech powered analyzer?... that was terrible

  2. although I know this post is old and no one will probably read it but I think the staff should be called
    an energised particle rod or an EPR.