Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Cyberpunk conversion of the LEGO Death Star (progress)

Back in March I dedicated the Mellemby District section of New Jang City to the viewers and asked for your suggestions for an overall theme or direction. Over 1,700 comments poured in and though the responses were quite varied, easily the most common request was for a cyberpunk scene (Blade Runner, Akira, lower Coruscant, Altered Carbon, etc.).  Just last month, I thought of finally putting my idle Death Star to use by converting it to work in this space, and viewers approved.  Thusly I build!

Probably one or two more updates should bring this project to a close "for now" and then I'll switch over to something else.


  1. How about adding some kind of scaffold/support from one of the floors to secure it to the ground better? It Could then have pipes/cables etc wrapped around the support leading to a big power generator on the ground. Looks like there would be a big power demand onboard. Just an idea, love what you have done so far.

  2. This company is using one of your images, presumably for a scam...

  3. i saw an ad on facebook that used one of your images and it takes you to a page where lego sets are at 70% off and it looks like a scam

  4. I just had an epiphany related to Lego, and I thought I'd share it here, since maybe you read these comments more? So, imagine if Lego bricks were two-sided with different colors on each side - much like the dual molded legs? So, one side of the brick could be white, and the other blue, for example. With bricks like that, you wouldn't have to make 2-stud wide walls for buildings. I think it's the next step in Lego evolution, and will be a big game changer when it happens.