Sunday, March 20, 2016

LEGO city layout plan & queue (updated Sep. 24, 2016)

The core elements of my plan for my LEGO layout were formulated in 2013 when I began.  When I moved in 2015, I gained some space and added a handful of items to the list.  If you look at my layout in a photo or video and think you see some empty space, pretend it isn't there. Every area the size of a baseplate or larger is already reserved, as are nearly all smaller areas as well.

Here's how the queue looks as of the date in the title of the post...

I will include:

  • Metro area (with very tall office buildings)
  • Freight harbor with ships, containers, crane, trucks, etc.
  • Industrial area with factories, etc.
  • Residential neighborhood with houses and possibly an apartment complex
  • Planetary Defense Force base (above and below ground)
  • Elevated narrow-gauge passenger train stop
  • Small city maintenance crew yard
  • Pet store
  • Chinese restaurant
  • Night club
  • Cars, Trucks (passenger and commercial), other normal vehicles you'll find in any city
  • People (kids, men, women)
  • Trees & plants
  • And much more!

Already added:

  • One skyscraper (the first of at least 4)
  • Police station
  • Fire station
  • Shopping mall
  • Small marina
  • Zoo
  • Gas station with car wash and adjacent repair/service garage
  • Arcade
  • Ice cream shoppe
  • Two 9V rail loops
  • Elevated narrow-gauge rail loop
  • Large passenger train station with elevated rail connector
  • Large train yard (which I want and need and will not be removed!)
  • Stand-ins for residential area
  • Stand-ins for harbor
  • Area delineating Planetary Defense Force base with large army & some vehicles & craft
  • Space for temporary seasonal displays of official sets

I will not include:

  • Airport.  NO AIRPORT, PERIOD!  An airport would ruin the plan for the entire city by taking up an absolutely enormous amount of space (if done to my satisfaction, and everything in my city must be done to my satisfaction).
  • Heliport.  Same as above, just smaller (but equally undesirable)
  • Above-ground parking garage.  Again, tremendous waste of incredibly valuable space (would need the area of at least 3 modular buildings to be even halfway decent).  Maybe an underground one some day way, way, way off in the future?
  • Super Heroes area
  • Ninjago area
  • Star Wars area
  • Race track
  • Minecraft End realm/city


  1. Considering your love of automobiles and automobile racing, I find your lack of a racetrack disturbing;-) just kidding sir, I love your videos and they have been some of the reason I have gotten back into Lego. Thanks for all you do and keep up the great work!

  2. Seems understandable why you wouldn't make any large structures. But would you build these structures if you had a larger space to do so?

  3. I'm sure everyone has their favorite item in your list of things that are planned, but I just needed to say - I can *not* wait until I see your arcade! I've been working on and off on one for over 2 years, but mainly just have the units themselves built [or continuing to be built!]. When I saw the announcement of LEGO Dimensions and the Midway Arcade level pack...well, by far that was the one I look forwarded to the most - couldn't believe the arcade itself was printed and not a sticker! I really want all kinds of designs! :) [apparently my arcade will have lots of Defender consoles as those printed parts are too good not to use!].

    Anyway, I look forward to seeing the progress on your arcade, when you start it. I'm loving that you're putting one in your city, as they tend to be [in real life] a lot more rare than when I was a kid. But ooooh so much fun to waist one's allowance money in! :)

  4. I miss heavy industry or a factory. For example metal ore from the harbor gets transported (conveyorbelt) to a metalfurnace (energyplant needed). The metal bars will be brought to a carfactory. There will be JANGcars made.

  5. Your cityscape reminds me of when I took a field trip to LEGOLAND in Winter Haven, FL. It's just so much to take in and wonderfully overwhelming! Remember, when you can't go out, you go up! "Empire Jang Building" "Towering En-Jang-o" ;-)

  6. I'm looking forwards to the office blocks. I used to look at the City-scapes in Lego catalogues and want, not the sets, but the big buildings someone had constructed for the background.

  7. Hello, Jang. I love your videos and what you do with Legos! I want you to know; I want you to fallow your image for the city. it's YOUR Lego city made with YOUR Legos. I love the things that you make for it, and the way it looks. and I want all of you people, who are bothering Jang about things to put in; stop bothering him about it! if he wants to put something in, then, he will. So if you say it once, and he says no, then DON'T ask again! it's rude, and it's his city.

    ~Lorin F.

  8. How about a sandwich shop

  9. take two by two plates put them together and use them in a library

  10. PLEASE show all of the Lego ninjago set

  11. You should make a dojo

  12. not saying this in necessary. But was watching as TV series where a town used it's main public highway as an airport. Just would close the road when a plane needed to come in. Just a possible idea of how to build an airport whilst taking up less space.

  13. you said no air port I have a air port in my city lol and how much space (I have not much space) and my city is how much you would want for the your airport.

  14. I had an idea for a car factory that made Pickups and Sedans, and some had wings or bed covers or where convertibles cause I know Jang doesn't like same-looking stuff

  15. OK. Umm. Where do I start. U have a good concept, but considering that u want a "realistic" city. U should have a small airport. Like one or two small handers, and a small personal plan and a jet. U should have a small car factory, like two 24 by 24 base plates. U should have a small car shop. But other than that, u have a awesome city and a great concept. Love always ur videos man. Keep up the good work!!!

  16. A city of this size must have a supermarket for groceries.

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  18. Is the LEGO city walkthrough Summer 2015! A 245 sq. ft. layout for sell