Sunday, December 28, 2014

FAQ: How much did [some item] cost & where can I buy it?

Q: How much did [some item] cost and/or where can I buy it?
  • Here are places I most frequently buy from:
    •* (also, etc.)
    • LEGO Shop* (physical stores + online)
    • Toys R Us (physical stores + online)
    • Target (physical stores + online)
    • Walmart (physical stores + online)
    • eBay* (be sure enable the 'Worldwide' option in searches)
    • ToyWiz

      Items above marked with an asterisk ("*") are are affiliate links, meaning if you choose to click one and then buy something, you will pay normal prices with no additional markup, but I may get a tiny commission (typically around 50 cents), which I'll then usually apply towards the purchase of more sets to review or more parts for MOCs. No store or advertiser paid or even asked me to put these links here -- these are the places actually I buy from all the time, and I proactively chose to sign up for affiliate programs with a few of them.
  • !! If you cannot find a specific product at one of the above locations, try other places that sell toys, and also keep reading below !!
  • The price of every product I review can vary from store to store and country to country, plus it will change over time as old stuff either gets discounted or becomes rare.  For current, accurate information for the region in which you live, do a web search for the product by name.  For LEGO set info, check out Brickset.
  • Availability also varies by region and changes over time.  If I tell you I bought a product from one place, by the time you see the video it may be sold out there and thus the information I gave you was useless.  Alternately, I may have had a really tough time finding something, but in your local area, there are tons of the thing on store shelves.  This is why I avoid stating where I bought products in my reviews -- where I got something when I got it is irrelevant, and what you need to know is where you can get it, when you want to get it. For current, accurate information for the region in which you live, do a web search for the product by name.  Some stores that sell both locally and online may also have stock checking tools to let you see from the Web whether an item is available at a physical location nearby.  
See also Where I buy from & how I get 'early' sets.

DISCLOSURE:  I am NOT under the employ of any of the above companies, and NONE of them ever pay me to create content for them.


  1. How much were the Speed Champion sets? I was wondering because I was planning on buying some of them.

  2. I was wondering in USD. Sorry for not specifying in my first comment.

  3. Thx for advice!!!!!

  4. I hear that, BUT I would guess most viewers are in the U.S. so why not appeal to the masses, on this one small point. Also, I don't know how much the price varies at launch. Isn't there an MSRP? Or, you could go with whatever LEGO charges at their stores or online. Word.

  5. Yeah Benjamin, but what about the viewers in other parts of the world? And Lego might change the prices, or what if jang bought it on sale? Then kids like me would save up money to get the set they always wanted, and they don't have the money. Then they leave the Lego store empty handed. Plus, not everyone lives near a Lego store. I'm lucky to live half an hour from a Lego imagination center. This is turning into a debate. I rest my case.

    1. Ablosutely right. For example I watch vids form Huntary, Europe. I don't care about the prices, google is my friend... And what is more important, that in this case Jang's vids became relevant for long time, it is fun to watch the old ones to, without listening about his price opinions, wich has no sense at all. I'm not interested about his emotions on price, but much likely on the set itelf, 'couse thats what is all about. He is a professional, and he figured that out quite clear.

    2. I live in New Zealand and the closest lego store is in dreamworld Australia!!!!

  6. True. I'm wathcing vids form Hungary, and I really don't care about the prices. Google is my friend, I can get them actually. And what is more important: I don't care about the emotional reactions on prices. It is not relevant, and it will be less and less interesting as time goes by. Thats why it is good to watch back old reviews of Jang, he focuses on real vaues.
    I just care the product impressions, which are there clearly. He is professional, he figures out well what makes a vid relevant even for the future.

  7. does anyone know where to buy this
    Mega Bloks CoD Armored Vehicle Charge (HMMWV)

  8. were do u bye the warthog 970ll? i am a little kid i am 9 years old
    because i want one.

  9. Do you have a list of parts so I could look it up and buy the right parts. I'm trying to build the switcher but instead of using a slug unit, I'd just keep a box car behind it all the time.

  10. Is there any way to purchase a Lego Police Train? Watching your video with my 6 year old nephew and he is in love with the police train. Is that your own custom design?

  11. Is it possible to purchase the lego police train? Watching your video with my 6 year old nephew and he's crazy about it. Is it available anywhere? Thank you!

  12. How did you get the "Hiker" mini-figure from series 16
    can you link me please on where you got him I can't find one anywhere

  13. I have spent the last couple of days going through your youtube videos, and I have been really enjoying them. I have really liked your in depth look at the sets, as well as your custom builds, which are truly impressive.
    I am currently running through your Lego Scooby-doo videos. My personal favorite TV series has always been the 13 Ghosts of Scooby-doo which had a unique RV version of the Mystery Machine. Do you know of anyone who has made a custom version of that vehicle?

  14. I'm looking for a destiny Mega Bloks stormcaller Warlock. I searched most popular websites I cannot seem to find it any tips?

  15. I was wondering where I could find the lego kings castle that was made in 1984 and is set number 6080, I really am hoping I can get a used or new set of this amazing lego castle. If anyone knows a website I could go to find the set it would be much appreiciated!

  16. how much and where did you find the mini rc car chassis

  17. I'm interested in the mini jang cam that was mentioned and shown on a lego shopping mall tour (youtube video)
    I'm not having luck with a search. Any suggestions?