Friday, April 4, 2014

LEGO 4-Wide Power Functions RC train v2.1

In February when I was going crazy revamping & ultimately completely redesigning my elevated rail train, I seem to have missed an update for all of you!  It was shown in my last full city walk-through, but never by itself in close detail.  Consider that problem corrected!
This is now a fully 4-stud-wide, working Power Functions IR RC train with no modified parts, running on a combination of "Indiana Jones" turns sections and built-up 4-wide narrow gauge straight rail.  The cars are as follows:
  1. "Forward" cab has no electronics, seats a driver & 3 passengers.
  2. Next is the motive / engine section with a Power Functions S motor mounted vertically on a custom dual drive axle setup.  I did cheat here with the inclusion of a small piece of lead for extra ballast.
  3. The center car has the PF IR receiver & routes its cable through the roof.
  4. Next up is a rechargeable lithium PF battery box.
  5. The last car in line is identical to the first!

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  1. Hey there - I know this is an older thread - I have been running into a lot of the same struggles (weight, balance, traction, etc.) that you have with my 4-wide layout. Do you have closer pictures of your vertically mounted motor setup that you would be willing to share?